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DCPHS: May 2 COVID-19 Update

Amanda Walsh, MPH Public Health Director 

May 2, 2020

Delaware County Public Health received no positive lab reports for COVID-19.  

COVID-19 is in the area, everyone should limit close contact with individuals outside your household in indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Since people can spread the virus before they know they are sick, it is important to stay away from others when possible, even if you have no symptoms. Stay at least 6 feet from other people; do not gather in groups; and stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings. 

We can all work together to flatten the curve.  

Positive Results reported to Delaware County: 72
Positive Lab Reports Transferred: 12
Discharged (recovered): 47
Isolating at Home: 7
Hospitalized: 2
Deceased: 4
Mandatory Quarantine: 19
Precautionary Quarantine: 0
Tested: 773
Negative: 685
Pending: 15

Delaware County Public Health Services in partnership with the NYSDOH, local hospitals and healthcare providers is actively investigating these cases and providing guidance on reducing the spread (i.e., quarantine, cleaning and other recommendations) as appropriate.  

If you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, trouble breathing or pneumonia) talk to your primary health care provider.

Do not come to the emergency room unless there is a pressing emergency.

Help Flatten the Curve:

  • Practice Social Distancing. Even if you feel well, stay at home as much as possible. In public, keep at least 6 feet distance from others. Avoid unnecessary appointments.
  • Wash Your Hands. Cover Your Cough. Cover your cough and sneezes. Use your elbow or a tissue. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Take Caution with At-Risk Persons. Avoid visiting those most at risk (elderly and people with underlying health conditions), call instead. Offer help with groceries and other goods to pick up and drop off without face-to-face contact.

COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly through close contact from person-to-person in respiratory droplets from someone who is infected.

People who are infected often have symptoms of illness. Some people without symptoms may be able to spread virus. CDC also advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.

Cloth face coverings may not prevent the wearer from becoming infected, they might help slow spread from people who have the virus and are unaware. 

NYS COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline at
is staffed 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week.

**Important: confirmed cases does not mean the total number of cases. Since access to testing is extremely limited, the number of confirmed cases does not reflect the current spread of COVID-19.  

Releasing the town where the positive lives does not ensure your protection or decrease your exposure risk to COVID-19.  

With this in mind, we strongly recommend everyone to continue social distancing to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.  

For information about COVID-19 you can visit

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